I am Android, AMA by o8o8o8
ro·bot·ic adjective relating to robots. (of a person) mechanical, stiff, or unemotional.
Watch Garden Saber from o8o8o8
Watch “Garder Saber” from o8o8o8’s upcoming album. The full album will be released on The Leap soon.
FOUR INCH function by Hiko Tanizawa
We are super excited to be releasing the EP FOUR INCH function by Hiko Tanizawa. We first heard Hiko when we opened up submissions for our last compilation and we absolutely loved what he was doing. Hiko is based in California and, like many of our artists, is an active member of the Monome community. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
Leap Comp 2
New compilation! Josh Saddler aka ioflow says, “forward-looking experimental beats and ambient textures; well-paced, contemplative, challenging, surprisingly soothing.”  
Coincidence by William Fields
The Leap is privileged to release the latest album from composer, programmer, and improvisational auteur William Fields. The album name “Coincidence” was born from the musical system developed for this release by William and the theme of “things happening at the same instant”. Each song was produced in a single take and has been mastered and captured here for your listening pleasure.
Listen to “Shift” from William Field’s Upcoming Album
  We’re excited to announce that William Fields will be releasing his latest album, Coincidence, with The Leap on December 1st.  The name Coincidence was born from the improvisational musical system developed by William and theme of “things happening at the same instant”.  We’ve been following William’s music for a while now and have always been impressed with the emotion, dynamics, and spontaneity that he brings to his work. These attributes are an integral part of his music and can be heard in his latest few live appearances: –https://soundcloud.com/william-fields/live-at-philly-open-mic-11-12-2014 –https://soundcloud.com/william-fields/live-at-the-leap-cambridge-ma-august-22-2014 Stay tuned for the full album!
Ghostworld by Birdy Earns
Ghostworld by Birdy Earns Fantastic cover at by Adam Higton.
First Magnitude by Kelli Cain
one lifts one’s hand across one's face one gestures toward a wall one extends a gift, one strokes a beard one crosses a square of other ones ones in white remove ones’ gowns one covers oneself, ones come to touch one other one speaks to sky...
Excerpt from The Leap #3
The Leap #3 went off without a hitch. Hosted in the industrial co-working space, Industry Lab, we saw performances from Jeff Allen, Source Control, mtn, William Fields, and Morgan Packard.  We’ll post the full audio recording to our SoundCloud soon.  Until then, enjoy this especially dynamic performance from William Fields.
Pocketed by No Sir E
The Leap is proud to announce Poceketed, by No Sir E. Album art by Frank Rose and available as a limited edition print. Pocketed by No Sir E
Announcing The Leap #3 ON 8/22 in Cambridge, MA
On 8/22 we’ll be hosting the next installment of The Leap at Industry Lab in Cambridge, MA.  For this show, we’re excited to host William Fields who’s traveling from Delaware to perform a live improvised set. Details on the Facebook event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/687048621381772/
Skyclad by tehn
The Leap is very excited to share with you skyclad, by tehn aka Brian Crabtree.
OMEGA by Flamingo Pink!
The Leap is very happy to share with you our second release, OMEGA by Flamingo Pink! The first 20 downloads get a free button!
The Leap Podcast #2
Here's the second installment of The Leap podcast! This was recorded at our second event on May 16th. On this edition we feature Todd Gys and Tone Ra.