Listen to “Shift” from William Field’s Upcoming Album
  We’re excited to announce that William Fields will be releasing his latest album, Coincidence, with The Leap on December 1st.  The name Coincidence was born from the improvisational musical system developed by William and theme of “things happening at the same instant”.  We’ve been following William’s music for a while now and have always been impressed with the emotion, dynamics, and spontaneity that he brings to his work. These attributes are an integral part of his music and can be heard in his latest few live appearances: – – Stay tuned for the full album!
Excerpt from The Leap #3
The Leap #3 went off without a hitch. Hosted in the industrial co-working space, Industry Lab, we saw performances from Jeff Allen, Source Control, mtn, William Fields, and Morgan Packard.  We’ll post the full audio recording to our SoundCloud soon.  Until then, enjoy this especially dynamic performance from William Fields.
Sounds Made by Mouths (Excerpt from The Leap #2)
Here are some sounds made by the Beat Travelers during The Leap #2.
Monome Mix by ingMob
Killer mix from ingMob featuring monome artists and Pauk’s track from our monome compilation!
Excerpt from The Leap #1
Take a peek at an exert from the first installment of The Leap coming from Making the Noise
Monome Community
Adam and I met through a community of makers and musicians centered around a device called Monome. The Monome is an open-souce hardware controller (recently expanded into other devices) and this community of people surrounding it is a constant fountain of amazing software and music...